About Us

The Word Agency was established in 2010 by Kevin McKenna, one of Scotland’s most experienced newspaper journalists.

In a 28-year career, Kevin has held senior positions on a wide variety of national publications.

In 2007, Kevin was commissioned to edit the Celtic Opus, a prestigious, limited edition 900 page book chronicling the story of one of the world’s most famous football clubs.

Kevin retains a presence in the newspaper industry as a regular columnist for The Observer, The Scottish Daily Mail and the Scottish Catholic Observer.


Brendan McKenna

Brendan joined The Word Agency in November 2011 following a successful period working in sports management.

A keen sportsman, Brendan was awarded a scholarship to play golf on the prestigious NCAA circuit, whilst studying marketing and politics.

Brendan has developed excellent relationships with key figures in broadcasting and in the written press. This has been crucial in raising the profile of clients and broadening the services that we offer.